Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Lolita Fashion: Creativity vs Rules

So in my last post I spoke about 'The Rules' of Lolita fashion and divided them into categories. If you haven't read that post yet, please click here!

What I wanted to talk about today is creativity within Lolita Fashion. Personally, I sometimes feel that a lot of coords within this fashion look very similar to each other and there isn't a lot of experimentation going on. Also, often when people actually do come up with something innovative, they are harshly criticized by the (mainly online) community.

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Lolita Fashion: 'The Rules'

Lolita Fashion Rules

Lolita fashion is not just like any other (alternative) fashion style. Most fashion styles have some very basic guide lines that an outfit should follow to belong to them. For example: a 'Goth' outfit should fit the dark and/or spooky aesthetic to fit in the Gothic style (no rainbows and unicorns allowed!).
Most of these guide lines are more about the overall aesthetic of an outfit, than about any specific elements incorporated in it. No set rules are given about things like 'how long your skirt should be' or 'what kind of materials (not) to use'.

Monday, 27 February 2017

Lolitas I find super inspirational

Hmm, so I actually missed out on this Lolita Blog Carnival, but I really couldn't resist bringing an ode to my favourite and most inspirational lolitas anyway <3.