Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Baby the Stars Shine Bright NYC!

A few weeks ago, I visited New York City together with my dad. All the sights, massive buildings and the typical NYC atmosphere were a whole new experience for me and left me very impressed!

I wasn't planning on doing much lolita-shopping during my stay, since we were there to visit family and I really needed to safe up for Under the Sea (which would take place just a week later)!

Baby the Stars Shine Bright New York shop
I wasn't dressed in lolita that day, far too busy shopping!

Of course, and you probably felt this coming, I still wanted to bring a visit to Btssb NYC & Tokyo Rebel. ^^ The shop was fully stuffed with loads of brand dresses and accessories. I felt very tempted to buy one of the classical heart-shaped bags from Btssb, but sadly the colourway I wanted was just sold the other day. (Note: they only have one piece of every item in stock, no stockroom!)

They even had a little sign board in the shop window to explain a bit about lolita fashion to the ouside world!
probably to prevent creeps from coming in?

Though maybe not as frilly or as polite as the Japanese Btssb shopgirls, who are EXTREMELY frilly and EXTREMELY polite, the staff was really sweet and willing to help you at all time. (Speaking the same language can make things a lot easier sometimes haha ;) )

Sticking to the plan I only bought a GLB and got some cute postcards with Misako and Akira on them as well! <3

Thank you for reading!

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