Thursday, 21 July 2016

UTS: Modeling for Mamechiyo Modern

In the weekend of May 7-8, I went to the annual SFE event 'Under the Sea' in Amsterdam. I was really excited that it was held in The Netherlands this time, since A'dam is only a two hours train ride away from my hometown. Also, an international event like this would be an enormous achievement for our local lolita/j-fashion community and I just can't express how proud I am of our Dutch SFE-members for pulling off such a great and complete event!
Hard work really pays off. (Of course this also counts for the other SFE-members ^^)

My first modeling experience

Mamechiyo Fashion show
Photo by C0re2 Photography

To my greatest surprise I had the honor to be picked as one of the three kimono models for the Mamechiyo fashion show!

When I got the notification mail I truly couldn't be more excited!

The other two models were Georgia (blushingrabbit) and Wlada. I was very lucky to be able to join Georgia, Poppy, Alexander, Lise and Lisa in a hostel for the weekend of the event. On the Friday Georgia and I met up to go to the rehearsals together. Together with Mila, Mamechiyo and her husband we decided on the right choreography and we had our first fittings and make-up try-outs at the venue.

Mamechiyo Fashion show

The next morning, after a good night rest, we had to hurry a little bit because we needed to be at the venue one hour before VIP hour. (Already fully dressed for the main event)
The final rehearsal could have gone a lot smoother, but luckily we didn't have enough time to worry about that ;).

Georgia had a VIP ticket and I would be volunteering for Kimura Yu's stand that hour, so when the event officially started we could both stay at the venue.

Kimura Yu
Photo by C0re2 Photography

I had a wonderful time volunteering with Yu on my side!

Just after the main fashion show ended, Wlada, Georgia and I had to be backstage. For more than two hours, the team (consisting of two make-up artists, a hair stylist, Berber and Mamechiyo herself) worked very hard to make us look as beautiful as possible.
And I think they did an amazing job... :o

Mamechiyo Fashion showMamechiyo Fashion showMamechiyo Fashion show
Photos by C0re2 Photography

Mamechiyo Fashion show
Looking in the mirror I fell speechless..

Mamechiyo Fashion show

The gorgeous Georgia and Wlada
Photos by Sanni Siira

With such wonderful clothes, hair and make-up (this was absolutely artwork!!), we could definitely walk on stage with confidence!

The MyInspiration team even filmed the whole show!

After the show, right after our hair was undone and we had changed to our normal clothes again, dear Mamechiyo and her husband gave each of us a little present: a beautiful Mamechiyo Modern scarf! We were soo so grateful and luckily we had brought some little (typical Dutch and German) gifts for them as well.

Mamechiyo Fashion show
Photo by Sanni Siira

Overall, this has been such a great and special experience for me! I've met so many amazing people during this event. I want to give one last big THANK YOU to the amazing backstage team, the whole SFE-team and, of course, to Mamechiyo! <3

Thank you for reading!


  1. UTS was really such a dream, everyone's outfit were really beautiful!
    Congrats on being chosen to be a model, your outfit was amazing! I was really impressed by her creations, they did an amazing work on your hair! ♥
    Hugs and little bats,
    Med ♥ ♥

    1. Dear Medora,
      Thank you for your comment! I fully agree with all you say <3
      Really hope to meet you at a next event some day ^^
      Worm greetings,
      Liv <3