Thursday, 18 August 2016

Anniversary: Two Years of Lolita Fashion!

Anniversary lolita fashion

Almost two years ago, 15-years-old me was just browsing around the internet, looking for a new coat for the winter. Than suddenly, she stumbled upon not just a nice, worm and frilly coat, nooo, she actually found a so-called ''lolita coat''..

Okay, so maybe this isn't the most beautiful coat ever and I'm glad I didn't end up buying it, but this really was my first introduction to lolita fashion!
I immediately began doing my research on sites like HelloLace and Lolita fashion wiki. Also, I tried to find my local comm and thanks to one Dutch blog I actually found it! (Rosalynn if you read this, I still want to thank you for replying to my questions back than <3)

Coord progress 2014-2015

My first coord was mainly made out of Bodyline. I had ordered the skirt really early in my research progress and hadn't really though about quality lace and fabric, but I guess it wasn't actually that bad. 
With the same order also came two cardigans and later on I managed to get some shoes and blouse really cheaply at a Dutch second hand website as well.

This is the coord after I got some online advice from my local comm! (front, second from the right)

The skirt is way too short and not my current style at all, but this coord definitely still has a special place in my heart <3.
By the way, a special thanks to everyone at my first meet for giving my such a nice experience and great advice, if I wouldn't have had such a good time at my first meetup I maybe wouldn't have been where I am now ^^.

At the same time, I also made this coord out of (almost) all clothes I already owned... (only the blouse is Btssb) 
When I wore it I felt really pretty, but when I saw the pictures later I realized it wasn't that good at all hehe. Especially now, I think this was really my most ita-ish coord :p.

The top is alright, the shoes and skirt-length are not. (On these pictures it's not even that bad though, I only saved the most okay ones on my computer)

Coord progress 2015-2016

Okay, so these last two coords were all from the first year, but during the following summer holiday I would visit Japan for the first time as well. I'd saved up some money so I could finally buy my first brand dress at ClosetChild. 

Getting my first brand pieces made me realize how important quality is in lolita fashion! (And yes, I'm aware that that is the biggest cliche ever ^^)

I began my second year with a whole new idea for my lolita style and really focused on getting high-quality classic pieces, all in very matching colours like wine, brown and ivory, This really helped me getting the (still quite small, but very cohesive) wardrobe I have now. 

Here are some of the coords I've made this last year, some are quite casual, some very ott! (Just chose the ones I have the best pictures of, I often forget to photograph my outfits properly so this isn't complete at all!)

My first big event was Behind the Mask, I wore an IW JSK with all black and wine accessories.

These are some floordinates, one classic but on the sweet side, the others more dark (also circus!) ^^.

I soon found out I really love ott, so I tried to go full out during the UTS tea party ^^.

As you can see I started out with very sweet lolita (I somehow felt classic was so unattainable for me!?), eventually got really into classic and even tried to make some outfits a bit more gothic here here and there. 
This summer I bought some new pieces again, most of them are very classic or old school, but very recently I realized I'd also still really like to wear sweet every now and then ^^..

My latest dress!

Thank you for reading! (And wow, I do wear those red Btssb shoes often 0.o)


  1. I think that you've had a pretty good journey and some very quick learning. I wish my first coords were this nice, but then I was a lone Loli, totally unaware of such a thing as Lolita comms, which made me stuck in my uninformed ita phase for a lot longer than I would've liked. And to me even that coord which you said was your most ita one looks good, needs just a bit more volume in the skirt and maybe a different hairstyle to balance out the giant headbow - if you still have all those pieces, would you be tempted to give it another go, just for the sake of a challenge? :)
    But seriously, these are all amazing outfits and you look absolutely stunning. Living proof that enough information, determination and savings can turn you into a breathtaking Lolita in a short time. :D

    1. First of, thank you soo so much for all your kind words, I really appreciate you taking time to comment! <3
      I also think you're pointing out exactly what is most important in the learning progress of lolita fashion (and actually in anything else as well), an accepting local comm to give you tips and advice can make such an incredible difference!
      About the challenge you were talking about; I'd love to try this actually! I still own all the items and I think it could actually turn out to be pretty okay^^ Do you still own your first lolita outfits as well? And could it also be possible for you to take part in this (mini) challenge ?

    2. If I had known about comms, even online ones, I think I would've outgrown my ita phase so much sooner. As it was, because I really didn't do my research and was a lone Loli, it took me... erm, 3-4 years? How embarrassing! :P
      I still have the first dress I bought, but I'm not sure if I could do an outfit, because during my awful ita phase (get ready for this) the dress and only the dress was my outfit. X_X :P Since then I have worn it in actual and proper Lolita ways, which I sort of documented on my blog, but it'd be fun doing something similar together. We could post it on our blogs and/or on Amino and invite others to do the same... :)

    3. Yeah I definitely like that idea! ^^, maybe we could make a more public challenge out if it!
      I'd say something like: 'Take your most beginner coord (where you still have at least the dress/skirt from) and try to redo it in a proper lolita look by changing as little as possible. (but if necessary it's okay to change a lot).
      By the way, I'm very curious now so I'll definitely checkout your new coords with your old dress on you blog ^^