Sunday, 11 September 2016

Kimono shopping in Amsterdam

kimono shopping amsterdam

Last Saturday, Ellis, Ella and I decided to go shopping for kimono in Amsterdam. I personally didn't need anything in specific, but was very curious of what Amsterdam would have us to offer.

We all dressed up a bit fancy of course ^^..

Ellis wore a black dress with her lovely haori jacket and wine red shoes with really cute striped socks. Ella wore a really sweet pink x ivory outfit with cute oxford shoes and a black beret and I wore my blue x wine yukata set that I bought in Japan last summer, my kitsuke wasn't done that well but I didn't care much since it was a very casual meet anyways :).

We came across three shops that had some pretty good yukata/kimono items for sale. Two of them were affiliates from 'Episode', a second hand shop chain in Amsterdam. They both had quite a few haori, yukata and obi . In total there are three affiliates located in the center of Amsterdam, I'd definitely recommend them for any second hand clothes shopping! (click here to visit their Facebook page)

Episode had set prices for yukata, haori and obi:
Yukata - 45 euros
Haori - 35 euros
Obi - 12,50 

We also visited a super nice Japanese antique store. They had beautiful kimono, yukata and obi. (Yukata prices from 25 euros and up, obi from 5 euros and up and a very expensive wedding kimono which exact prices I forgot.)

Not sure, but I think I'm looking at one of the gorgeous wedding kimono here ^0^ 

This store had a discount yukata rack outside in front of the store, a lot of other kimono items were inside as well. When I want to buy a new yukata I'll definitely go back to this store! Visit their online site for exact location by clicking here!

Inbetween shopping we got some delicious bagels and tea at Bagels and Beans. 

We had sooo much fun this day, really hope we can do something like this again soon <3 

Thanks for reading!

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