Thursday, 20 October 2016

Review: Haenuli's The promise of Eternal JSK

CLICK HERE to read how this story continued and how I got a new dress with the right lace!

Just about one week ago, I finally placed my order for Haenuli's The promise of Eternal JSK on their Storenvy web shop. This dress in the mustard colourway has been my first purchase ever from Heanuli. When I saw it I immediately fell in love with the design, I feel like it has a very outstanding, but also very classy, take on lolita fashion.

haenuli lolita fashion shop promise of eternal

At first I was a little hesitant though, I'd never spent so much money on an indie-brand before (actually, now I think about it, I'd never spent that much money on any dress!). At the end I decided to give it a go anyways, because all things I'd heard about Haenuli had been super positive, also quality-wise!

I paid about 30 dollars for EMS shipping from Korea to The Netherlands, it's quite a lot but yeah, EMS was the standard option and I really wanted my dress to arrive safely :).
Haenuli always marks their packages as GIFT and with a value below 50 dollars (except if you state otherwise of course), this was really nice because else I'd have had to pay about 100 dollars of customs fees! :o 

After about 5 days the package arrived! The box had the brand logo on it and my dress was packed in a light blue Heanuli bag. Also in the box I could find a cute A4 paper with the return policy explained and a lovely gift package of Haenuli post cards!

haenuli lolita fashion shop promise of eternalhaenuli lolita fashion shop promise of eternal

The dress came with two different shoulder straps, both adjustable, (on the picture above you see the plain ones) and a clip on bow with a tiny pearl pendant.

Now let's talk about this GORGEOUS dress! <3

haenuli lolita promise of eternal

The lace is absolutely STUNNING  and the whole garment seems really well put together (Really no picture could ever do full right to these AMAZING details!!). Please note; the mustard colour in real life is a bit less vibrant than on the pictures I made, as well as on the stock pictures. In reality the black lace makes the under layer seem a lot darker. I actually really like this: when you are in a darker room, the dress seems almost all black, but when in bright day light, suddenly the beautiful mustard colour pops up! This really adds an extra WOW-factor to this dress <3 

haenuli lolita promise of eternal

There is one (negative) thing I have to say though, the stock pictures are not totally accurate. I didn't directly notice this, but actually the difference in lace used is quite big. I personally love both styles, but I can imagine this being a real problem to some people!

The top and bottom are the same, but the big difference is in the middle part!

haenuli lolita promise of eternal

(left: stock picture, right: my dress)

I just wish they would had said something about this in the dress' description, I am currently waiting for their respond (I've sent them an email about this matter), I will update what they have to say about this as soon as possible.

About the fit:
I ordered a size M, which I think now is pretty true to the measurements listed on their website :) I personally need to pull the corset lacing pretty tightly, since I am always somewhere between S and M with clothing sizes. The back has some pretty flexible shirring so I don't have to worry at all about eating all the cake and sweets when I attend some more tea parties ;p.
(Oh, and the bodice has some subtle boning, which is really flattering my posture ^^!)

Here are some worn pictures! I kept the coord really simple, so you can see the dress in its full glory *aaah* 0:)

haenuli lolita promise of eternal liv haenuli lolita promise of eternal liv

Okay I know, heavily edited background, forgive me for that. I tried to make the colour of the dress as true to reality as possible though :)

Thank you for reading, please feel free to comment if you have any further questions! ^^


  1. I love the color!!! You look so beatiful and elegant waering the dress. The details are amazing and it's look so conmfortable. I am going to add to my wishlist!

    1. Dear Lupita,
      Thank you for the reply! <3
      I'm flattered by your compliment and yes, I can confirm that the dress is indeed very comfortable.
      Surely add it to your wishlist! It's a lovely dress, just bear in mind the lace is different from the stock photo (like I mentioned) :)
      My dress is currently on its way back to South-Korea to get the original lace and Haenuli will update their website with new stock pictures soon :)
      Hope you will ever be able to get your hands on it as well!