Monday, 2 January 2017

Haenuli review part 2: Long story (quite) short!

So as some of you may already know, I wasn't completely satisfied with my Haenuli order last time.
The dress didn't came out as it was supposed to be according to the stock photos and, especially since this is one of my dream dresses, I really wanted to do something about this. (I didn't want to get full refund because I still loved the design, it was just different)

You can read the review I made when I first got it here: link!

Haenuli, the promise of eternal, review, livlotte, liv robroek

As you can see, the lace on the dress was pretty different from the stock photos. Some people advised me to try and get partial refund, Haenuli didn't want to do this though. I can understand this, since once you give one person partial refund, everyone will come to get it! Also Nunu (the owner of Haenuli brand) explained to me that partial refund is very sensitive for abuse. (By the way, all sold dresses have the wrong lace, since the lace fabric sent the wrong lace directly to the sewing studio without Haenuli checking on it)

Anyway, I wasn't really satisfied so I kept on emailing. Eventually, Haenuli offered me to send the dress back to mend it and use the lace they'd used for the dress on the stock photos to replace the lace of my dress. I especially asked them if they had enough left-over lace and, as they confirmed that they would have enough to mend my dress, I sent my dress back to Korea!

(Haenuli of course would pay for the shipping and all other additional costs. Also, they'd finally removed the wrong stock photos from their website by then.)

So when I'd just sent back my Haenuli dress to Korea, they emailed me to say they had discovered that they didn't have enough lace to mend the dress after all. They went on a 3-days search at a huge (5000 shops) lace-market to find the original lace again. They found it, but they had to paint it black first. Two weeks later I got another email that the lace they had painted black turned out to be too short for my dress, so they had to order new lace AGAIN, this time they tried ordering it directly from the factory. It seems they'd finally gotten the right lace by now (this new lace also had to be painted black again!).

The sewing studio would now take care of the rest and after another week Haenuli was finally ready to ship my dress back. The whole mending process took about 6 weeks I think (maybe longer).

Nunu explained many times how sorry she felt that it took so long and even sent me some free gifts and a handwritten post card to make it right.

These lovely tights and one of her art books for free, so sweet!

Haenuli, the promise of eternal, review, livlotte, liv robroekHaenuli, the promise of eternal, review, livlotte, liv robroek
When I finally got my dress back I was so happy! I adore this design with this particular lace so much!!

Haenuli, the promise of eternal, review, livlotte, liv robroekHaenuli, the promise of eternal, review, livlotte, liv robroek

In the end I am super satisfied with the dress I got, the new lace and sewing is of the same (very good) quality as of the old dress. I do think some mistakes they made were pretty unprofessional, but at least I got my dream dress in the end and super polite costumer service.

I may have forgotten some things, but feel free the send me a message if you have any questions. I believe the dress still isn't up on the website again, not sure whether they are going to make new stock pictures any time soon. Just know that all other dresses will have the different lace (the one from my old dress).
Also, if you got this dress already and you really want the lace from the stock photo, think about sending Haenuli a message as well. In my opinion it's worth it! ;).

Thank you for reading!


  1. Really nice :) Amazing total look
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  2. Wow, I’m just really happy that I find your blog. Your style is perfect. Don’t stop posting ,
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  3. All of these long lace dresses are likes dream dress, you are so beautiful on it ! I especially like the last one, thanks for sharing! also i find a good site to see more !