Thursday, 23 February 2017

Blog goals for 2017 + some random pics

So, as you've probably noticed, I haven't been posting very actively on my blog yet. To be honest I am just quite busy right now (last year of high school, exams, EXAMS!..) and I haven't been really all that sure on what direction I want to take with this blog either. However, there are some things that I am planning on posting in the (near) future and I feel like it'd be a good thing to share that with you in this post!

Also, I will include some of my most favourite pictures from the last few months in here, so you have something to look at, too ;)

Frankfurt 2017

2017 blog goals:

1. Summer Japan 2017!
This summer I will spend one month in Tokyo (on my own!). I will work in a hostel and do my best to explore the city in all new ways possible. Besides shopping, going to fashion events and meeting new people, I am planning on blogging a lot as well. Still not decided on the exact shaping, but I would really love to do something like a daily report and maybe post that every 2 to 3 days. surely accompanied by a lot of travel pics ^^.
I would also love to do some more informative posts about Tokyo (shopping, fashion events etc.), please let me know if there's anything in specific you'd like to read about, that could be related to my travels!

lolita fashion, letter to lotta, blog update, harajuku
Takeshita Dori summer 2016

2. More event stories?
The focus will definitely lay on my Japan traveling, but I would also love to make more posts about meetups and events. To be honest I am not really going to cover any small meetups, but I will try to write about big events like TPC Angelic Pretty in August (hoping I'll be able to get those tickets!!).

lolita fashion, letter to lotta, blog update, frankfurt, haenuli
Crazy friends be like ^

3. Fashion talk (+ maybe Lolita Blog Carnival)
The last thing that I'd definitely want to do (soon), is trying to write some articles about (lolita) fashion in general. There's a couple to topics that I feel like could need some discussion and that I would love to give my own opinion on, honestly. (Would like to hear otherone's opinions as well btw!)
Think of topics like 'originality in lolita' and 'standing out from the mainstream fashion'.

And, not promising anything though, if any of the Lolita Blog Carnical subjects speak to me, I'll try to join that as well!

lolita fashion, letter to lotta, blog update, frankfurt, innocent world, old schoollolita fashion, letter to lotta, blog update, frankfurt, innocent world, old school

lolita fashion, letter to lotta, blog update, frankfurt, innocent world, old schoollolita fashion, letter to lotta, blog update, frankfurt, innocent world, old school
Old School lolita - Frankfurt 2016

I really hope you like my future plans, suggestions are always welcome!

Thank you! <3

lolita fashion, letter to lotta, blog update, frankfurt

Dearies <3


  1. I would love to see you contribute to Lolita Blog Carnical :D and can't wait to drool over photos from your Japan trip!

    1. Thank you! I would love to contribute, looking forward to that :)
      And hihi, yes, I hope I will be able to make lots op pictures during my trip ^^

  2. I plan on going to TPC 10 too, hopefully I'll see you there (if you don't melt in Tokyo over the summer, buy lots of Gatsby cooling wipes!). :D

    1. Ahaha thanks for the tip! ^^ And yes, cannot wait for London, meeting lots of new people and having fun <3

  3. Can't wait so see you covering a lot of interesting topics! Especially your trip to japan, you are going to have such an unique experience. It is going to be different than any other travel report I think because of the hostel you are staying in.

    1. Thank you dearie <3 I really hope so, definitely looking forward to exploring Tokyo in a new way like that ^^

  4. Wow, I’m just really happy that I find your blog. Your style is perfect. Don’t stop posting ,
    because I’m coming back:)