Monday, 27 February 2017

Lolitas I find super inspirational

Hmm, so I actually missed out on this Lolita Blog Carnival, but I really couldn't resist bringing an ode to my favourite and most inspirational lolitas anyway <3. 

These are some of the people that really inspire me fashion-wise, I especially love it that they all have their very own unique and personal style!

@josinemaaike on Instagram

My dear friend Josine has absolutely the most unique style of them all. I love both her otomo and lolita outfits and especially adore her pattern mixing and quirky combinations! She doesn't care too much about the 'rules' and I love it <3

@mariedauphine on Instagram/Tumblr

Maybe she seems a bit of a odd choice for me at first, since I haven't really worn much gothic lolita myself (yet). But I find Ahsley's fancy, OTT and often vintage take on this style so inspiring! I especially love it when she incorporates a lot of glamorous and more classical elements in her coords ^^

@opheliamoon Tumblr, @Yetaxa on Instagram

As someone who adores old school lolita, this girl is absolutely goals! Just look at her, she really grabs that old school 'feel' sooo well. Definitely one of the persons who made me fall in love with this substyle in the first place, even though I do not know her at all.

Of course I couldn't include everyone in this post, so many beautiful and inspirational people out there! Please let me know what you think of my top 3 ^^

Hope you enjoyed!

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