Monday, 24 July 2017

Tokyo 2017: Harajuku Fashion Walk & Karaoke time!

Hi there again! It took some time, but I'm back now with a another Tokyo blog post :). I am so busy having fun here with all the new people I meet that I don't have too much time to write posts, but I will keep trying!

Let's just start directly with an overview of my days.

Day 6 (07-20-2017)

Not sure if I did a lot this day, mostly relaxation I guess ^^. In the afternoon though, I went to Ikebukuro by myself to explore the area a bit. I visited Closet Child (which is located above a Starbucks, so pretty easy to find if you know that!). I didn't buy anything and just went walking around and had a simple dinner of Gyoza and Ramen.

At the end I lost my way and couldn't find the Ikebukuro station anymore, but I thought that if I'd just keep walking in one direction at one point I'd see some other subway station from where I could travel back. This turned out to be true and I got home safely haha. (I think it usually takes about half an hour to walk from station to station, so if you are okay with such a distance there's usually no need for panicking ;) )

Sounds like a pretty boring day, but actually I enjoyed it very much!

Day 7 (07-21-2017)

The next day I went exploring my own neighborhood Asakusa again. I looked though a lot of nice (but expensive and touristy) kimono shops and I tried to find some accessories for yukata and my newest Metamorphose dress (Romantic Kimono).  I didn't end up buying a lot, since everything seemed pretty overpriced to me, but got one lovely shimmery brooch to match some of my other dresses <3.

This evening was way more fun though. Me and about 10 other people from the share house went doing karaoke in the center of Asakusa! (For those who don't know; I LOVE KARAOKE aaah!) 
We got a pretty big private room this time and we stayed from 8pm to 4am. After we went to eat 'dinner' at some 24h restaurant with the group of people who stayed until the end. It wasn't especially nice that I had to work that same morning (wake up at 8am), but at least I can say now that I saw the Tokyo Sky Tree at dusk haha. ;') 
(So happy to find some people that are as excited to go to karaoke as me, we will definitely do this again in a week or two :p)


Day 8 (07-22-2017)

So this morning I had to work early, just like the other mornings. I bet you can imagine that after that I was preeetty tired ... :p 
I stayed up all day though, and later in the afternoon I went out for late lunch/dinner with two of my room mates. We had Okonomiyaki, which is pretty much like an omelet but (in my opinion) a lot more tasteful :). Especially with the special spices and okonomiyaki sauce. 

Day 9 (07-23-2017)

So far, all of my days here have been really nice and I have done soo many new things and met tons of cool new people. But if I had to chose, the HFW day was maybe the best one of them all. 
Before it started (at 4pm) I went shopping in Harajuku and found some perfectly matching accessories for my Romantic Kimono dress (including bright red RHS). (I will wear it all to London DCM next month, so I guess you'll have to wait for that to see the details of my coord ;) ). 

These are some pictures of all the people I met there. I think I literally talked with everyone there and everyone had such an interesting personal style 0.o. I actually felt pretty boring wearing classic lolita :').

harajuku fashion walk

harajuku fashion walk

And my coord for the day:

harajuku fashion walkharajuku fashion walk, coord, innocent world, antique rose
Wearing IW Antique Rose, AatP shoes, Lizlisa blouse and the new brooch I bought in Asakusa.

I really think going is worth it, but as it is a walk to promote Harajuku fashion, the deal is that if people ask to take pictures: you say yes. I personally have no problem with this, especially not when I 'plan for it', but if you do have a problem with being photographed by strangers I reaally wouldn't advice you to go. 

harajuku fashion walkharajuku fashion walkharajuku fashion walkharajuku fashion walk

harajuku fashion walk
Also, so glad to meet Cathy Cat, she was so sweet ^^

If you would like to check it out some time, I think they do one fashion walk once a month on one of the last Sundays. The exact date and time you can find best on their twitter account!

harajuku fashion walk

After the Fashion walk, some of us went to have dinner at a Chinese restaurant a little more near to Shibuya. I surely have made some new friends that day and can't wait to see Cathy's video on it <3.

Thank you for reading & see you next time!

EDIT: watch Cathy's video on Youtube right now! ^^^


  1. As much as I'm more of an Osaka person than a Tokyo one (the regional loyalties are real), I do envy you going to the Harajuku Fashion Walk. It would've been such a cool thing to do! I feel like we should do these outside of Japan too, there are so many people in Europe who wear some sort of J-fashion or Harajuku fashion, especially in capitals, then why not? Maybe one day I'll manage to do that too.
    Also, red RHS and DMC, now you got me all curious! I have one thing left to craft for that (but that was always going to be ab 'assemble in London' kind of job) and need to wait to hear back about the modelling application (that will affect my makeup - I have bright and colourful extravaganza planned, but for modelling it'll have to be neutral), but other than that I'm all ready to go! so excited, sitting at work in an office feels almost painful when I'm itching to wear my frills!

    1. Actually, I think there is an actual international fashion walk 'day'/event! My local comm joined last year and we had one in The Netherlands :D. And even without the international fashion walk event, of course you can always organize one!
      I am really excited about my Sunday coord for DMC, that's the one with the RHS ;p. Still need one piece for that outfit, but I think I'm safe. For the Saturday though I still need to buy everything oops :').
      I guess the same counts for me, I really would like to know if I'll be modeling, that could affect my whole style..
      Looking forward to seeing you there btw!