Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Tokyo 2017: Pompompurin Cafe & dream dress!

Okay, so there was a time that I was a bit worried that I'd have not much to do in Tokyo on my own, for one whole month. Now, the opposite seems to be true. Especially because I literally meet like five new people every day and also keep hanging out with the ones I've met the days before!

Day 3, 4 & 5

Day 3 (07-17-2017)

Just before I went, I had made a post in the Tokyo International Lolitas (東京国際ロリータ会) Facebook group, to find some other lolitas to go out with once I'd be in Tokyo. We decided on a small cafe meet at the Pompompurin cafe in Harajuku. In the end we were with four people and we had a lot of fun. The food was absolutely amazing. It looked super cute and it even tasted good too (this is not always the case with cute-looking food in those kind of 'themed cafes' to be honest :'D).

pompompurin cafe

pompompurin cafepompompurin cafe

We didn't really take the time to make a group picture (sadly, because Nadine, Anna & Abiba looked really nice..). It was pretty hot though, so most of us skipped the petti ^^.

otome coord, innocent world, marine rose
My outfit of the day :)

Ohh, and before I forget: right before I went to this little meetup, I had a quick peek into Closet Child Harajuku and I found my ultimate dream dress!!! (new with tags even!)

I am soooo so excited to make a Wa-lolita coord with this, hopefully with RHS & yukata <3

Romantic Kimono, MetamorphoseRomantic Kimono, Metamorphose
Look at them details! 

I also managed to lay my hands on this cute Ank Rouge dress for just 800 Yen (less than 7 euros!).

Ank Rouge, Lady poodle
I mean, it has poodles.

Ank Rouge, Lady poodleAnk Rouge, Lady poodle

A pretty successful day, i'd say. :)

Day 4 07-18-2017

I basically decided this day would be my relaxing day of the week. I only went out in the morning. Together with a friend from my dormitory we went to have brunch at the Uneo food market. (They sell more than just food there by the way, just call it food market because I came for the food.).

We got a few different kind of snacks: strawberries, plums, soup dumplings & takoyaki (small Japanese squid balls).

The takoyaki

In the evening, right after work, I got an origami lesson from one of the other guests I met in the share house! She is a pro, but we started off with 'simple' flowers:

She made the purple dragon in the bag out of just one piece of paper!

Even though this was my 'relaxing day' I felt pretty tired, so I went to bed early. Also, my working shift hours have changed from evening to morning, so from now on I always have to get up at like half past 8.. :')

Day five (07-19-2017)

So this was yesterday. In the afternoon I went to Akihabara really quick to buy a new switch plug (is that a word?). Because my other one that switches from EU plug to a Japanese one is broken. you can get them in the small shops there for like 500 yen so that's not too expensive I guess.

Later in the afternoon, I joined a free Japanese lesson from one of the people that live and work in the share house. I don't have any pictures but I think I really learned some important basic things! Will definitely join this course again next week and try to do some self study in between the lessons as well :).

Right after the lesson, me and some of my friends from the share house wanted to try making Gyoza (Japanese dumplings) by ourselves. We bought all the ingredients at the big local supermarket and followed a vegetarian recipe. (It is quite difficult to find veggie gyoza in stores here apparently).

We combined it with udon soup and the result was pretty decent actually!

That was everything for these three days! Hope you've enjoyed the read and see you next time!

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