Sunday, 16 July 2017

Tokyo 2017: what I'm doing here & mini haul

Welcome back everyone!
This will be the first post of my Tokyo blogging series, writing about all the new experiences and thoughts I have during my stay.

As you may know already, this summer I am spending one month in Tokyo. I will be staying in a so-called 'share house', which is a kind of hostel for people who want to stay at least one month. Basically most people here are (temporarily) working or studying in Tokyo, like 50% Japanese and 50% International. Also others (like me) are just staying one month for summer holiday. I work in the share house 5 days a week, 3 hours a day, in exchange for free accommodation in a female dormitory. I just have to clean a bit and so far it hasn't been very hard, mostly a lot of fun with the other volunteers ;).
If people are interested, I could make a post dedicated to getting accepted as a volunteer in this (or a similar) share house later, it's not too difficult when you know the right places!

First of all, I'd like to give you a list of things you can expect of this blog series:
♡ General travel updates
♡ Shopping guides
♡ Lolita meets & Harajuku events
♡ Photo shoots
♡ Festival report (if I can go to one)
♡ Maybe just maybe some kimono/yukata related stuff
♡ Hauls

Now let's get to the real thing..

Day 1 & 2 in Tokyo

Day 1 (07-15-2017)

My flights and other transportation went pretty smoothly, so I don't really want to get into any of that. The first day however, I woke up super early (like 5am) because of my yet leg. I got breakfast at the local Lawson 100 (super market chain) and went to Ueno Station at around 8am. There I bought my one-month metro pass, with which I can travel with all Tokyo Subway lines for one month without having to buy tickets separately. (For more info, this is a useful site (start reading at 'Tokyo Metro All-line Pass')

In and around Asakusa district

Back in Asakusa I got a simple lunch and tried to rest a little. Later in the afternoon I decided to go to Shinjuku, to buy the newly released Melt Magazine and a prepaid sim card. When they tried to put the sim card in my phone at the store they found out that my phone was locked (not sim lock free), so unfortunately I couldn't get one. I will just use free wifi from random stores though, quite some seem to offer that here in Japan :).

I did manage the get mu hands on one of the melt magazines!

Melt, magazine, lolita
The content is really cute and quite like the old GLB. The lay-out is less busy though and I think it contains a bit less Harajuku street snaps and more international event snaps.

The present bag from Btssb is cute and basically what it looks like from the pictures, also all pages are very nicely printed on nice thick paper.

Later this evening (7pm) I had my first cleaning shift at the share house. I had a good time with the other volunteers and the work wasn't too much. After 9pm we just ended up chatting and having fun comparing all our different cultures (Japanese, French, Chinese, Canadian & Dutch!). From now on I will probably take this evening shift every day that I work, so I won't mention it again unless something special would happen.

Day 2 (07-16-2017)

After a good night rest I was finally fit enough for more serious exploration. Of course I couldn't wait and directly headed off the Harajuku. Another volunteering girl also wanted to go to meet a friend there, and I ended up joining them both for lunch and shopping.

We had lunch at a cute cafe near Takeshita Dori, it was delicious!
(Iced jasmine tea, sea food ramen & some type of gyoza I think)

Since it was a Sunday it was SUPER busy in Harajuku, especially Takeshita Dori..

I saw quite some fabulously dressed people and I was so glad to see that Japanese street fashion isn't dead at all. However, I am planning on dedicating a whole blog post about why harajuku fashion is still alive, so you'll have to stay tuned if you would like to read more of my thoughts on that.

My outfit of the day:

alice on wednesday
I matched my socks to my new melt x btssb strawberry bag^^.

Time for the mini Harajuku haul! Not much, but some cute stuff.

An Alice on Wednesday necklace & bunny ring *red eyed bunny!!*

Etude House, Eye shadow
Two Etude House eye shadows

Soo, that was it for today! If you have any questions please comment down below! I hope you enjoy reading my travel blogs and if you'd like to stay tuned, please subscribe or like the new Facebook page!

Also please comment about what kind of (shopping) guides you'd like to see on my blog! :)

Thanks for reading! ♡

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