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Tokyo 2017: University and Vintage Shopping

Ohoo, long time no see! As I mentioned on my blog's Facebook page a few weeks ago, I didn't want to 'waste' any time on doing things I could also do at home (like blogging) while I was still in Japan. Also I think that making a blog post about every single day of the month would be a bit too much, as a lot of days I didn't do much fashion related stuff and just hung out with the new friends I'd made :).

Anyways, now I'm back and ready to write again! I think there will be about two or three more Tokyo reports and maybe a separate one about the topic 'Why I think Harajuku Fashion is not dying'.
Also, if you guys are interested I could write a post about 'How to prepare for your Japan trip' maybe? Let me know If you'd like to see something like that ;).

For now, I chose a few days to elaborate on:

Day 10 (07-24-2017) 

This day I met Aya, a really sweet girl I got in contact with via Instagram! Our initial plans were to go vintage shopping together, which we did later on, but first she invited me to join her one day going to the language university where she was studying English at.

Photo's from the uni's site

One of the university's buildings was divided into several different parts which all represented a different country. In each part, students who were studying the language of that specific country had their own space to study and relax!

Here I am wearing traditional Korean clothes at the Korean part of the university + a selfie!

This day I met a few of Aya's friends and we talked a lot about the cultural differences between Japan and The Netherlands. Also we had a lot of fun and talked about fashion and Disney (because Aya is by far the biggest Disney fan I've ever met, going to Tokyo Disneyland 100 times a year ..) ^^.

Day 16 (07-30-2017)

So this day was actually a bit of a relaxing day, but still had some activities worth mentioning :). In the morning one of my friends from the share house gave me a free bicycle ride through Ginza. He is working for a company called Cyclo Limousine there, they provide really nice tourist rides through Tokyo on these fancy bikes!

Ginza is actually a really nice place to visit while you are in Tokyo. It has mostly big international brand stores, which may not be too interesting for j-fashion shopping, but I really liked the overall atmosphere there. The streets are extremely wide and a lot of the buildings look really cool.

After Ginza I went back to the share house and later in the afternoon me and some other friends of the share house went out for a walk through Asakusa again. We ended up in the arcade and took this amazing purikura together :D

I miss you all !!

Let's see, what else did I do on this day..? I think we went out at night to eat fish ramen and watched the first season of stranger things until 3am :'). Ohh, and right after watching all these scary episodes, also around 3am, there was an earthquake and everything started moving! I'd never experienced an earthquake before, so for one second I thought the monsters of the Upside Down were coming to get to us.. (If you haven't watched stranger things yet (and you like scary things), go do that right after you've finished reading this blog post! ;p )

Day 21 (08-04-2017) 

Another day with Aya! This time going to Shibuya for vintage shopping <3
Actually we ended up only checking out three shops of the same brand: Grimoire. This is a vintage shop chain in Japan, with three shops in Shibuya and I believe some more in the rest of Tokyo. It is quite expensive but the quality and the assortment of the vintage clothing they sell is AMAZING!

I tried on so many outfits that day..

I ended up buying the dress and belt from the second photo, It's so beautiful aah!

Also, the shop girls were so cool and nice! Aya knew some of them and we took some selfies :)

After shopping we had lunch and did Purikura together. I had such a fun day, thank you Aya!

Right after this perfect day of shopping and having fun, I hurried back in the direction of the share house. I made it to Ueno Park just in time to see my share house friends performing in the karaoke contest.

They didn't win the first price, but they got a big box of cookies, so the whole share house was happy :D 

Thank you for reading and see you next time!

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