Saturday, 24 February 2018

Mochi-making with Misako, Kawaii Monster Cafe & more!

Welcome back everyone ♥ This week I have quite some exciting things to share with you ^^.

This past Sunday, I first met up with dear Manami, Victoria and her friend Marie at the Kawaii Monster Cafe. Then on Wednesday Victoria and I went to Harajuku again to join a special event with Misako Aoki together.

❥ First time @Kawaii Monster Cafe.

This cafe had been on my to-do-list for sooo so long!! The only reason why I never visited before, was because I hadn't really found a good occasion for it yet. Also I thought it'd be quite expensive and long waiting lines, but actually it was cheaper than I expected and I think we just had to wait for about five minutes :).

The spectacular Monster Girls show on the moving carousel in the middle of the cafe.

Super cute Victoria with multicoloured spaghetti on a plate that looks like a pallete for painting 
(right and left pictures were taken in the Mel-tea room, after we finished eating)

The cafe has several rooms with different cute/crazy food themes. Initially we chose the 'Mel-tea Room', but since that room was already fully occupied, we had to settle with 'Mushroom Disco'.

Honestly, it didn't matter a lot, as all rooms are stunning and you are allowed to walk around and take pictures everywhere you want. Also, I think Mushroom Disco is one of the better places to watch the Monster Girls' performances that you certainly wouldn't want to miss!

Posing with gorgeaus Monster Girl CRAZY (if I'm not mistaken) and a very fluffy pink/purple monster 

After the cafe, we went walking around in the Harajuku and took some Pirakura.

It was truly soo lovely seeing sweet Manami again and meeting Victoria and Marie for the first time ♥. Thank you for all the fun, really!

Cannot wait to see all of you again  (Even though I saw Victoria again only a few days ago ^^)

❥ Making Mochi with Misako and KMC Secret Room high tea.

So a few days before meeting my friends at the Kawaii Monster Cafe, my other friend Sarah had told me about a special little event with Misako Aoki she was helping to organise in Harajuku for the next Wednesday. As I'd never met Misako before, I was super interested and I became even more excited when Victoria wanted the join as well!

Victoria and I decided to rent Hakama for the day, as there was no specific dress code and we both didn't bring to many lolita clothes to Japan.

It felt great to properly wear kimono again!

We didn't really know what to expect for the day, as barely any information was given about this event online. We only knew we had to meet everyone in front of Candy Stripper in the back streets of Harajuku at 14:00.

'Mochi-making in the middle of a shopping street with Misako'

Okay, so at some point at least one thing became clear: Misako was going to make Mochi (a popular Japanese rice 'cake') in the middle of a popular shopping street. (and oh, we were supposed to help her?)

In the middle of a touristic shopping street?! hahaha, it felt so random :')

Of course we both gave it a try and as it turns out: mochi making is good fun ;)
We even got free mochi after ♥.

Misako was just adorable in real life by the way, how can she be so pretty?!

Some footage of our Kawaii Ambassador's Mochi skills!

After eating our well-deserved Mochi, it was time for the rest of the event. We walked around in Harajuku for a bit and shot some promotional footage for the association that organised the event.
Sarah told us that they wanted us to help promoting the smaller local stores and brands in the 'hidden streets' of Harajuku, to make the kawaii culture more approachable for general visitors. I think this is very important to keep our beloved fashion district alive :).

We took loads of pictures and even though it was fun meeting everyone, Victoria and I started to become a bit tired and cold (kimono is not the most suitable for walking around a lot in cold weather). Luckily, the last part of the event was about to start soon! 

'Kawaii Monster Cafe VIP Secret room mini high tea'

Last but certainly not least, we ended up in the Kawaii Monster Cafe again. Only this time, we had the entire cafe for ourselves and we had a free mini high tea (with adorable macarons) in the Secret (VIP) Room. The decor was amazing omg!

Just look at that enormous fluffy cat!! ✦_
Photo by @sarah_nyappy on Instagram. 

The organisers, Sarah and Misako held some small speeches and spoke with us about Harajuku Fashion for a bit (for example about our favourite places in Harajuku) and we all enjoyed this amazing venue for awhile.

If you want to see more pictures I recommend you check out Misako's Line Blog post about the event! > Klick here!
(we even took one with ALL of us on the Monster Girls' carousel)

We gave Misako a little present (a small bag of Konpeito) and a cute post card to thank her for the day and took a picture with her as well ^^.

After about one hour, we all had to leave again and the event was over. We said goodbye to all the lovely people and quickly headed over to Asakusa to return our Hakama in time! (We JUST made it, with only one minute left oops :'))

All on all, a great day!

That's it for this week's post, thank you for reading 


  1. Looks like it was an amazing day, especially making the mochi, I'd really like to try that :P. Did you meet some new people too? Tokyo is still big, it's awesome that you get to experience these kind of things ^_^ looking forward to new posts, was nice to read!

    1. It was indeed! ^^ (and you should totally try making mochi haha)
      I certainly met some new people, there were a few international lolitas and a lot of really nice Japanese girls 😊 I just wish I knew more Japanese though, it gave me some new motivation to study!
      Thank you for reading and commenting btly the way, I'm super happy you liked it :)

  2. This looks very fun, although without thermal underwear or a kimono-appropriate coat I can imagine that you must've been quite cold in the hakama. And how random with that mochi-making ordeal indeed! Still, I bet it was a lot more fun to meet Misako this way, at a pretty small event, than one of the big Lolita events she may have attended in Europe/all over the world - it's easier to chat to her when there's only like thirty people total than three hundred. :O

    1. Yes, next time definitely thermal underwear haha! And I agree, I prefer to meet her at something small-scaled like this. She looked very relaxed and she had enough time to speak a bit with everybody and ask us all some questions :)
      Thank you for reading by the way! <3